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Marcus Bleicher (ITP, Goethe Un., HFHF, Frankfurt, and GSI, Germany)

Cluster production in high-energy collisions

Wolfgang Trautmann (GSI, Darmstadt, Germany)

The nuclear symmetry energy: New directions from new results?

Igor Mishustin (FIAS, Frankfurt, Germany)

Alpha-clustering and alpha condensation in nuclear matter

Manpreet Kaur (Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar, India)

Effect of microscopic temperature-dependent binding energies in the decay of 32Si* nuclear system

Anagha Chakraborty (Visva-Bharati Un., Visva-Bharati, India)

Onset of different excitation modes in the neutron rich 78As

Mitko Gaidarov (INRNE-BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria)

Evolution of the symmetry energy and skins of mirror nuclei

Koh Meng Hock (University Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia)

Role of nuclear tensor within Skyrme mean-field approach on deformed magic numbers in rare earth region

Ugur Ilter (Nigde Omer Halisdemir Un., Nigde, Turkey)

Results from the EMPIRE code for reaction cross-section calculations

Ferhan Akdeniz (Akdeniz Un., Antalya, Turkey)

Nucleon densities of Lanthanum isotopes calculated by Skyrme and Gogny models

Magdalena Skurzok (Jagiellonian Un., Krakow, Poland)

Search for eta-mesic nuclei with WASA at COSY facility

Deepika Pathak (Guru Nanak Dev Un., India)

Prediction of cluster radioactivity of Z=118 isotopes

Chhanda Samanta (Virginia Military Institute, Virginia, USA)

Binding and bonding of cascade hyperons in nuclei

Hasan Bircan (Kutahya Dumlupinar Un., Kutahya, Turkey)

A new parameter set for extended Thomas-Fermi model

Rajeev Singh (Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences, Krakow, Poland)

Quantum fluctuations in energy for hot relativistic fermionic gas

Sevki Senturk (Karadeniz Technical Un., Trabzon, Turkey)

Production cross-section and reaction yield of 82Sr for 82Sr/82Rb generator

Abderrahmane Yakhelef (Ferhat Abbas Setif 1 Un., Algeria)

Neutron single particle states in 101Sn by polynomial fits and SM calculations

Fatima Benrachi (Frères Mentouri Constantine 1 Un., Algeria)

Gamma radiation analysis and radiological hazards assessment in granite samples commonly used in Algerian building constructions

Bouchra Imene Chibane (Frères Mentouri Constantine 1 Un., Algeria)

A dosimetric comparison of 3D conformal therapy and volumetric intensity modulated arc therapy for the treatment of nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Fatima Zohra Chemingui (Frères Mentouri Constantine-1 Un., Algeria)

Monte Carlo simulation on human heterogeneous organs

Jameel-Un Nabi (University of Wah, Punjab, Pakistan)

Spectroscopic study of 9Be (p, γ) 10B at astrophysical energy

Valentin O. Nesterenko (JINR, Dubna, Russia)

Vortical excitations in nuclei: Recent progress

Tuncay Bayram (Karadeniz Technical Un., Trabzon, Turkey)

Ground-state properties and decay rates of isotopic chain of Molybdenum

BirBikram Singh (Akal Un., Talwandi Sabo, Bathinda, India)

Clustering phenomenon in the decay of light mass composite nuclei

Nuray Yavuzkanat (Bitlis Eren Un., Bitlis, Turkey)

Geant4 investigation of the alpha-beta-gamma detector system

Mehana Parameswaran (Avinashilingam Deemed Un., India)

Spin-orbit splitting of protons and neutrons

Aybaba Hancerliogullari (Kastomunu Un., Kastamonu, Turkey)

Advanced generation hybrid type pusher D-T fusion plasma fueled rocket modelling

Hanane Mebrek (Batna-1 Un., Algeria)

Study of the astrophysical 25Al(p,γ)26Si nuclear reaction

Juergen Gerl (GSI, Darmstadt, Germany)

Exotic nuclei studied with NUSTAR at FAIR/GSI

Nihal Buyukcizmeci (Selcuk Un., Konya, Turkey)

Coalescence theory in heavy ion collisions

Ghulam Bary (Yibin Un., Yibin, China)

Analyses of multi-pion Bose-Einstein correlations for granular sources with coherent droplets

Ercan Yildiz (Kahramanmaras Sutcu Imam Un., Kahramanmaras, Turkey)

Cross-sections and thermonuclear reaction rates for 181Ta(alpha,n)184Re reaction

Iftikhar Benchikh Lehocine (University Tahri Mohammed Bechar, Algeria)

Iftikhar Benchikh Lehocine (University Tahri Shell closure at N, Z=40 in the vicinity of 56Ni region

Samiha Benarous (Nuclear Research Center of Algiers, Algieria)

Spatial distribution of major, minor and trace element in semiarid land of western Algeria

Nazrin Babayeva (Selcuk Un., Konya, Turkey)

Dosimetric properties of opagis drug: An EPR study

Ali Ihsan Kilic (Szczecin Un., Husinec, Czechia)

A new approach to nuclear reaction mechanism in dense matter. Thermonuclear and pycnonuclear reactions

Aydin Ghalehasadi (Tabriz Un., Iran)

Calculation of the photon pair production cross section by artificial neural network

Abderrahim Ait Ben Hammou (Cadi Ayyad Un., Morocco)

Coriolis contribution to excited states of odd-mass nuclei with deformation-dependent mass formalism

Nadjet Laouet (Frères Mentouri Un., Constantine-1 Algerie)

Nadjet Laouet (Frères MenProton drip line neighbouring nuclei and nuclear structure

Naila Bouchera Bouchelit (National Polytechnic School of Algiers, Algeria)

Study of column of flow-rig using technical radiotracer

Mounia Benchabane (Ferhat Abbas Setif 1 Un., Algeria)

Mounia Benchabane (FerMinors and trace elements distribution in phosphate deposits using X-ray fluorescence

Harjeet Kaur (Guru Nanak Dev Un., Amritsar, India)

Analysis of two proton radioactivity half-lives of nuclei

Bahadır Saygi (Ege Un., Izmir, Turkey)

Chasing B(E2) Anomaly

Alberto Camaiani (Institute for Nuclear and Radiation Physics, Leuven, Belgium)

Exploring heavy-ion collisions with the FAZIA multi-telescope array

Birgul Eren (Nigde Omer Halisdemir Un., Nigde, Turkey)

Results from the PACE4 Code for fusion evaporation reaction cross-section calculations

Mohamed El Adri (Cadi Ayyad Un., Morocco)

Tensor force effect on the neutron shell closure in Z=114 super-heavy element

Esra Yuksel (Yildiz Technical Un., Istanbul, Turkey)

Gamow-Teller resonances and beta decay half-lives of nuclei at finite temperature

Vasanthi Loganathan (Avinashilingam Institute, India)

Preformation probability of complete binary fragments of 294Og

Aleeddine Lahbas (ESMaR, Mohammed V Un., In Rabat, Morocco)

Davydov-Chaban Hamiltonian within the formalism of deformation-dependent effective mass for Kratzer potential

Imad El-Ilali (Cadi Ayyad Un., Morocco)

Excited states of the odd-mass nucleus 173Yb with different deformation-dependent mass coefficients

Takehiko Saito (RIKEN/GSI/Lanzhou Un., Japan/Germany/China)

Puzzles of hypernuclei

Sonja Orrigo (IFIC (CSIC-UV), Spain)

Beta decay of the neutron-deficient 60Ge and 62Ge isotopes at RIKEN

Menekse Senyigit (Ankara Un., Ankara, Turkey)

Comparison of NaI detector efficiency via measurement and Monte Carlo, modelling new scintillators

Serpil Yalcin Kuzu (Fırat Un., Elazıg, Turkey)

Machine learning approach in particle pair investigation

Ayben Karasu Uysal (KTO Karatay Un., Konya, Turkey)

Diffraction cross-section measurements at the LHC

Esra Uyar (Gazi Un., Ankara, Turkey)

Investigation of the effect of copper cooling rod on detector efficiency with monte carlo method in HPGe detectors

Adem Pehlivanli (Gazi Un. and Kirikkale Un., Turkey)

Investigation of secondary neutrons produced by proton and helium ion beams in water

Serkan Akkoyun (Sivas Cumhuriyet Un., Sivas, Turkey)

Artificial intelligence: A laboratory for nuclear physics studies

Hatice Duran Yildiz (Ankara Un., Ankara, Turkey)

Superconducting cavity design for linear accelerator systems and Cern-Atlas experiment adcos studies

Imad Tagdamte (Cadi Ayyad Un., Morocco)

The sextic potential within Bohr Hamiltonian for rigid nuclei in the presence of minimal length

Kuminder Kaur (Guru Kashi Uni., Talwandi Sabo, India)

Comparative study of gamma treatment on fruit (Kinnow) and vegetable (Tomato) as an application of nuclear physics

Huseyin Bahtiyar (Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Un., Istanbul, Turkey)

Neural network application to the nuclear binding energies and charge radii

Sarbjeet Kaur (Sri Guru Granth Sahib World Un., Fatehgarh Sahib, India)

Role of pairing coefficient in the dynamics of compound nuclei 24,25Mg*